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  1. South Africa’s Standard Bank said on Monday it had suffered the losses, not its customers, and that it had alerted the authorities. It estimated its total loss at R300 million. Reports in Japanese media said the withdrawals were made on 15 May at ATMs in Tokyo and 16 prefectures across Japan’s main island Honshu and neighbouring Kyushu. That would have taken a substantial number of “mules” to make the transactions and ferry the cash, said experts. “($13 million) in a matter of hours is nothing short of blinding,” said Dan Kelly, a Hong Kong-based cybersecurity researcher at Dragon Threat Labs. “The use of loopholes in the bank’s procedures makes sense, but trying to rustle up a mule network in one country without making too much noise can’t be easy.”

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  5. I maintain a number of blog sites & discussion forums and permit people to write their talk about them. I check routinely and also remove any vow words, etc. I likewise ask commentors not to leave any negative terms on the blogs/forums. However, that stated, am i still legally in charge of the web content on my blog/forums if they write a libelous remark or abusive comments?. Numerous thanks.

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  7. Simply time is going to tell that, but they are actually beginning to appear truly properly made. They fit for pair of 70-somethings, but they are not also smooth either.

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